The equipment -
The heart of our laundromats!

At our laundromats you wash, dry and mangle at high-quality equipment manufactured by Electrolux Laundry Systems (formerly: Electrolux-Nyborg). With this equipment your laundry will become squeaky clean, soft and cuddly in a short time.

Please choose between:

  - up to 20 washing machines for perfect cleaning,
  - 2 and accordingly 3 spin-dryer for saving time at the tumble dryer
  - up to 10 high power tumble dryer,
  - and at each laundromat one mangle for the successful finish of your laundry.

Naturally, you have the possibility to use several machines simultaneously. This will save valuable time and your laundry will be done much faster.

All our machines are positioned at ergonomic working height. This alleviates the loading and unloading of laundry.



Our washing machines


Accordant to the amount of laundry, please choose:

  - wash up to 6 kg laundry at our smaller washing machines*

  - or up to 8 kg laundry at our normal washing machines

  - and up to 14 kg laundry at our jumbo washing machines.


We use only softened water, which is heated up to the desired washing temperature before the water is flushed into our washing machines. Thus we are able to reduce the washing time. By the way adds this system to care your clothes. Please note: Using our system you will not pay for the heating period!


For further information, please read the article "hot and soft water".

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Our Thermoboost-System avoids cooling down of the water while the washing process. This system assures an optimal use of the washing acctive substances. Thus we are able to reduce the washing time. A load of hot wash takes only about 35 Minutes in our high power washing machine.

Our spin-dryer

Your laundry will be pre-drained up to a drip-free state in the washing machine. By using our spin-dryer with a capacity of up to 12 kg, your freshly washed laundry will be dehydrated with 1400 U / min and a G-factor of 830.

The G-factor shows the ability of the centrifuge to squeeze out water from the laundry. The higher the G-factor, the better the drying resultat.

By using the spin-dryer, you are able to reduce the time in the tumble dryer afterwards. This is easy on your clothes as well on the wallet.

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Our high power tumble dryer

Our highpower tumble dryer with large capacity (between 8 kg and 13,5 kg) are hot water-heated. We achieve an optimal drying result in a short time.

The drying phase will be concluded with a cool down phase. This is easy on your laundry and prevents creasing. If the laundry is not removed immediately after the end of the drying phase, the anti-crease function of our tumble dryer will ensure that the tumble dryer aerates the laundry shortly up to an hour every 2 minutes. Overdrying ore singeing of the laundry is almost impossible. The laundry can always be controlled during the drying process on residual moisture and can be removed completely or partially.


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Our mangle

On our extra-wide mangles (width between 140 cm and 160 cm) you can also iron oversized laundry very quick and easy. A finger sensor ensures protection while mangling.

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*only available at our laundromats in Ingolstadt and Augsburg
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